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Good Blogs To Follow?

I haven’t been really following blogs in a structured manner for years. Back when some Google starting page was a thing in the beginning of the millenia I had very well constructed view to stuff that I was reading in the internet. That went away (Google has killed several my favorite services as well, Picasa being maybe the dearest) and my structured way of following the writings in internet took a blow.

Twitter never really has been my go to place. Reddit was something I followed for quite many years, but currently I have put it aside, as too much time went to meaningless memes and social porn. There are a few blogs that I have been reading for 10-20 years on and off, but only a handful. Of course I do stumble to blogs occasionally, but not consistently enough.

One of my favorite blogs for ages, since I discovered it (not sure when) is and has been Wait but Why. To me that just represents some kind of genius meets entertainment which invokes pure awe and joy in me. I really, really like it. There are still several (newest) articles there that I haven’t read. It takes a special kind of day to really go down that rabbit hole. Graham’s number is something I think about every now and then. Simply so stunning blog post, gotta love it.

Yesterday I got the thought that it is time to up my blog reading game. Today I installed Feedly to my phone and tried to read one blog. By accident I remembered that Mark Manson has a blog and sat down to read one article. The first I came across was this:

Mark Manson – Why I Am Not a Stoic

And wow. That was simply stunning. For a while I thought that why do I even bother to write anything at all myself, but simply being able to share that kind of blog posts is making it worth my and your while in the internet. I was so happily stunned to just admire it. I read it through the Feedly app which even took away a bit from the aesthetics. Now when I open the page I get joy on just looking at the thing. That is so close to perfect blog post (for me) that I just can’t even. It is beautiful, it is functional, it is interesting, it has research behind, it is well written and entertaining and everything.

I haven’t read Marks books, though I know of them. I have couple sitting on my desk now that I loaned day before from the library. Really willing to dive in to those now. Also I plan to read his blog now with some consistency in hope that I wasn’t just lucky with one post.

Wow. You shouldn’t be here. Go and read Mark’s post, it is beautiful.

EDIT – My title is now a bit overstating as I only have two recommendations here. But I was so thrilled that couldn’t get further. I fixed it by adding question mark. I’ll have to come back to the topic once I’ve read everything Mark has to say…

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