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Contemplative Reading

Today I came across a new term for myself “contemplative reading” (Wikipedia – Lectio Divina). Maybe not so surprisingly while I was doing, well, contemplative reading. I’ve never really been huge on reading bible. Not too religious either – that being something I might want to consider as a part of my journey here. Today my reading wasn’t that religious. Spiritual maybe. 

I know that meditating would likely be a very good practice that I should have more in my life. In the mornings, however, I feel that reading something a bit more meaningful works for me quite well. Sometimes calming myself to meditate in the morning is a bit difficult. Reading seems to keep me more focused in the topic. I plan to now read every morning for a bit and see how it works out for me.

I’ve been reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. From Goodreads you can find a review on the book that made me smile. My view on the book is a bit different. I’ll want to share some of my thoughts on it here (once I have contemplated on them for ages…)

The review above recommends following books, maybe I should take a look. All of them seem to be quite classics, haven’t read myself.

I seem to have difficulties remembering what I think is important. Reading has been helping to snap out of it and to take a step a bit closer to the inner peace. Or so it feels to me and I’m starting to feel that how I’m feeling is likely an important and good aspect to take into consideration when planning my life.

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