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There’s a plan, a master plan even

I have a target for this year to come up with a plan. Vision maybe rather. Life vision. What it is I really want? I thought that the answer would have been easy to just spit out, but as it seems it is not. Takes a bit of planning, reflection and thinking then. In the title I’m promising just a little bit too much. There really isn’t a plan. But I almost have a plan on how to come up with a plan. And well planned has not been started yet!

Lifebook is a concept/course/something by Jon and Missy Butcher. There are few quite thorough reviews in blogs available, so I won’t open it up more. You can check for example these:

The idea is tempting for me. I like the structured approach to checking different areas of life. I like the possibility to create something concrete yourself on the topic of Life Vision. Creating something visually compelling is half of the fun in planning.

I have considered the structure Lifebook is using, but I didn’t quite like it. I had my own structure thought out in advance, but it was a bit worse actually. I’m thinking actually going through the Lifebook course one day and wanted to keep the structure close enough.

My Master Plan will touch following areas of life:

  1. Health and Fitness
    • Rather clear and easy area. Being functional, living long and also looking great.
  2. Spiritual
    • More difficult immediately. I haven’t really been too spiritual. I really need to stop and think what this means to me.
  3. Parenting
    • Again rather easy category to identify. Quite a lot more difficult to master.
  4. Social
    • People in my life. Friends and family. Surprisingly lot of stuff to consider here.
  5. Financial
    • Also an area that I have thought more of an chore and practical topic. Already I have found quite some beliefs on this area.
  6. Life Quality
    • Difficult area to define. I have here home, surroundings, vacations etc. Also the small things that I want to have in my life.
  7. Career
    • Again easier category to define, but difficult content. I spend a lot of time working. I do not feel that I’m currently having the most meaningful job that gives purpose to my days. 
  8. Relationship & Sex
    • Rather sure I can come up with few thoughts around this area as well 

On top of these I have also the following. I list these separately as I see them going across all or many of the previous ones. These kind of create a matrix.

  1. Intellectual life
    • Using my thinking, challenging myself.
  2. Emotional life
    • Difficult one. Difficult to define, difficult to say what it means to me, difficult to consider valid targets.
  3. Creative Life
    • Art, writing, music, woodwork, whatever. Creating omething myself.
  4. Character
    • Again something that is difficult to define. I need to have several considerations on this.
  5. Habits
    • “First you create your habits, then your habits create you”
    • I believe these are important in being able to actually execute the Life Vision
    • “Vision without execution is just hallucination”
  6. Chores
    • Everything I just need to take care of

All of these will combine into the full Life Vision. I’m still not 100% happy with the structure, but there are few compromises driving that. I try to keep it close to Lifebook structure in order to be able to easily do that later. Also I try to have a structure that I can use as the Areas (of Responsibility) in Second Brain that I’d like to set up.

I will cover all of these areas one by one in the future posts. Don’t hold your breath though, it will take quite some time.

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